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Properly sized equipment is VERY important. Visit a store first and determine your proper size. ALWAYS ask a friend or neighbor if they have any used equipment. See below for a list of retail and online stores. Always feel free to   with any questions!!!

The following equipment is mandatory for all boys playing on both town Classic and Select teams:

  1. Gloves
  2. Helmet
  3. Mouthguard
  4. Shoulder pads
  5. Arm pads
  6. Protective cup
  7. Stick

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Helmet Guidelines 

One of the most important items you will purchase for your son. No matter what brand you choose, there is an array of helmets for each age group. In order to keep a unified look to our team members , if you are buying a NEW helmet, we ask that you please purchase a BLACK helmet.

Wayland Youth Lacrosse will provide WYL decals for each side of your son's helmet. 

Sticks, Pads, Gloves

Equipment can last up to FOUR seasons, even when fitted properly. Sticks can last longer at the younger levels.
DON'T overpay for a stick. The most important thing is a good pocket!!! 

Local Retail Stores:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods - Every Spring, Dick's holds a discount day for WYL
  • Natick Outdoor Store
  • Lacrosse Unlimited (Wellesley)
  • Lacrosse Monkey (Norwood)

*Some of these stores’ websites offer excellent deals not offered in the stores. Be sure to compare.

Online Retailers: 

*Always visit a store first to be properly fitted.