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Wayland Youth Lacrosse is always in need of parent volunteers.  We can use your help on or off the field.  If you've never even seen a lacrosse game, or if you're a former star player, we need you!


Here are some ways you can help:


Coach or Assistant Coach


Head Coach assumes primary responsibility for coaching a team during games and works with other coaches to run weekday practices.  Assistant Coach helps the head coach at games and helps at weekday practices.

Don't worry if your skills are rusty or you've only played boys lacrosse!  Our team, our league, and US Lacrosse offer on-line and in-person training session that cover everything from the basics of holding a stick, catching, and throwing (for new coaches) to the finer points of offensive and defensive strategy (for more experienced coaches).


Practice Helper


We can certainly use parents who just want to come to practice and play a small role such as manning a "station drill." No training necessary!  If your schedule allows you to be on a field during our afternoon practice times this spring, we can find a role for you.  


Team Manager


Helps the coaches communicate with team members, brings game and score/time-keeper supplies to games and helps DS Girls Lacrosse administration (uniform and equipment managers) interface with the team. 


W-Day Coordinator


The Picnic is our end-of-the-season celebration.  It is usually held the third Sunday in May and is always fun!  Lots of food, drink, and the traditional Girls vs. Boys Games!  We need help preparing for and managing our involvement in this event.  Let us know if you're interested.




We'll think of something.  May we call you?